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Based in Los Angeles, Trespass Films is a VR company that specializes in 360 degree films. They also design and 3D print nylon and aluminum 360 degree camera rigs for VR filming. For their logo, I used Wayfinding Sans, a typeface tested and designed for the utmost in legibility. To reinforce the 3D nature of my client’s projects, I edited the typeface’s arrow glyph to have a stronger forced perspective.

Trespass Films is the primary business identity behind trespass.co. To allow for the use of the logo on future projects, there’s space for different taglines, such as Trespass Dinosaur Hunting or Trespass Expeditions.

Year: 2015
Client: Trespass Films
Project: Identity, website, business stationary and packaging
Role: Designer, front-end web developer