99 monsters design, the portfolio of calliope gazetas

2010 What Where When

What Where When 2010

This year’s What Where When is based on the art theme of Metropolis. The What Where When is a 96 page booklet with approximately 960 event listings scheduled for the week of Burning Man. The outside cover design portrays both the idealism of living in a thriving, wealthy city partnered with the reality that many urban dwellers live in favelas or shanty-towns. The inside cover uses a photo of stack of rebar as a background, a reference to the many pieces of rebar used in staking and anchoring Black Rock City structures to the desert floor.

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Sketchbooks + Drawings

jojoba detailThis is a collection of individual drawings and full pages from some of my 2009/2010 sketchbooks. Drawing is another way to see an object, to understand what it is I am looking at. Tracing something on paper that I find visually appealing or interesting is like a mediation on that object, the space it occupies and the light that it reflects or absorbs.

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